Where'd all my friends go??

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  1. When I joined smp9 about 50 days ago, there were all these nice people. What I want to know is.... where'd they all go?
  2. Some leave the Empire for RL reasons some get banned some quit because they dont want to play
  3. 1. You had FRIENDS$?!@%R?!#%?

    2. SMP9 is basically dying if not dead.
  4. They went to walmart.
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  5. What about me? :(
    Am I a nice person?
  6. I don't know you Jimbo. haha and Gap, smp9 died after sgx tore down her shop
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  7. Im on smp9 every other day but in the wild by myself wheres its nice and quiet lol
  8. to school, and after the school to do the homework
  9. It's not just smp9. EMC is slowly dying, people are leaving, and we are slowly "growing"

    When I joined for first time, every server was ALMOST full every time. And now that won't happend, I havent seen a full smp for a while now :s

    [EDIT] When I joined emc wasnt as big as now, we where 25k registered back then. Now we are almost the double but now we have less active players :s
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  10. As many of my elementary teachers said "Everyone is your friend"
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  11. I have 3 friends left and i'm 200 something days old on EMC. My RL friend who introduced me here got angry at Justin, ICC and the 'crap' mods here that didn't do anything about how much we got griefed, so he left and started his own server (which was run by his friend, but no longer exists because his friend only holds up his own server now). I stayed.
    Everybody from TES (a wilderness group run by AlexHallon that closed) quit, like Brennian and Makrom1 only came back online yesterday.
    Copherfield began to hate me after I 'griefed' TES which was an accident, and he never let me into Delta Team. Never hold flint and steel and have the urge to press mouse buttons...
    Gamerzilla...I don't know where he went :(
  12. Im your friend :)
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  13. Don't worry well bounce back. If you have been looking on minestatus recently it is showing that we are moving up and that new servers are becoming #1, also I have seen EMC ads on a few other Minecraft websites.
  14. its this stupid thing people have called a life that requires all there time