where to report greifing

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  1. today i when into the frontier to my mobspanwer only to find it has been partially destroyed and stuff taken, the redstone hoopers ect.

    Note: this is in the frontier not the waste lands

    2014-04-15_12.22.41.png 2014-04-15_12.32.11.png 2014-04-15_12.32.20.png 2014-04-15_12.32.29.png 2014-04-15_12.32.33.png 2014-04-15_12.33.48.png 2014-04-15_12.34.16.png 2014-04-15_12.34.18.png 2014-04-15_12.34.34.png 2014-04-15_12.34.38.png 2014-04-15_12.34.46.png

    The pistons, tourch tower, redstone, repeaters, hoopers and chests all gone but the locked one, i have been working on this spawner for ages quite allot of hrs :( i was about to build another level.

    what do i do
  2. contact any of the mods that are online. just start a message with them.

    where was this at and I can help you rebuild!
  3. I can tell exactly where this is just by looking at the screenshots :p
    And I recommend trying to not build a mob farm so close to spawn. It's asking to get griefed that way.
  4. I will look into this for you.

    I also notice this is close to spawn. Unfortunately, you will get many visitors so close to spawn. It's a good idea to build far away where griefers are less likely to find it.
  5. thank you so much :)
  6. what server was this on? if this was on smp8 i'll help you build one farther out if you want!
  7. I suggest nether travel if you can avoid dying there, as you travel 8 blocks at a time. Travel about 1000 blocks and place a portal down, and you will come out around 8000 blocks away from spawn in the overworld. This is fairly safe, and will protect your spawner from most griefers.
  8. Thank you all for the tips & help
  9. I know a good Xperia farm it's on smp3 and in the nether I could show it 2 u 1 day if u want
  10. Xp lol the predictiveness
  11. Unfortunaly stuff like this happens I had an outpost once got griefed as much as u could imagine at 2 point u were guaranteed to fall and die it became a player farm after it got griefed pretty much