Where to find a villager trading exp bottles

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  1. So I was wondering if anybody could give me access to their villager that trades exp bottles for crappy items, I'll pay, I'm gunna use them to sell at my enchantment storde, Thanks :)

    ~ RoBoT
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  2. the most you can get from a villager is 7 emeralds worth of exp bottles unless theres circumstances where you can reset the trade. Other then that I heard there have been "infinite" trades where the items land on the 7th trade and it becomes infinite or something like that but I don't believe it unless I see it for myself O.O.

    Also I'm fine with you buying my exp bottles and selling it at your place ;) (2317 smp1)
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  3. Well, Someone I know has a villager that gives you exp bottles for sugar cane.. unfortunately he won't let me use it.
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  4. Then he probably doesn't have one unless he lets you use it and prove that its infinite :)

    Edit: Also what hashog3000 said
  5. There are plenty of players who offer free trading on their residence. I'm sure that I could find you a couple that give xp potions if you wanted me to. Also, in response to trading sugarcane for xp potions, I do not believe that this is possible. I think that your friend's strategy is simply that he has a villager that trades paper for emeralds. You can easily get emeralds by using a sugarcane farm to get plenty of paper. You can then use the emeralds for other trades, like redstone or xp potions.
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  6. Yes what hash hog said above is right, you cannot trade paper for xp bottles the only way is to trade paper for emeralds then trade the emeralds for the xp bottles.
  7. Sounds about right, I'm just going from what he said, he said e has a sugar came farm and he uses that for potions so your right, could you find me a good one, I'm not sure where to start looking, much appreciated
  8. Alright so robot. It's much easier to get some villagers yourself and do the eggify to get the trades since you only can use up to 7 emeralds per trade with extending circumstances. In a villager trading post whats set is set you can't change the trade cause you probably won't have the flag for it. Making this very unreliable. Most of the time you would be running around to find one when you can just use 2 villager eggs and stand in one spot like me :). Just do it yourself :).

    EDIT: Btw if anyone really have an infinite emerald trade where its paper for emerald, I'm willing to pay 10k to use it indefinitely:).
  9. Uhm buy a villager from a mall or whatever, and dig a 1x1x2 hole in your res. Have a villager egg in your first inventory slot and a stick in the second slot. Keep using the 1 and 2 hotkeys to quickly eggify and hatch villagers in the hole until you get one with a white or maroon shirt. If it's white, check to see if it has a paper for emerald trade and trade it if it does. Move on. If it's a maroon shirt check to see if it's an emerald for xp bottle trade and trade it if it does. Repeat.

    Yeah it's immensely boring but very profitable.
  10. I have an infinite exp bottle villager, 1 emerald for 3 bottles, but its not cheap to use.