Where Should I Start Learning Code?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CadenMann, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Heya Empire,

    For a while now I've been really interested in learning to code games and stuff, but I've never really gotten into the coding community. Honestly I'm just wondering how and where I might be able to learn code? It's always been pulling me towards it but I've never gotten to learning it, so bounce some ideas off my :p

  2. I started out with python, and recommend it to everyone. It's a great language to grasp the concepts of programming. you can download it at python.org, and a really great tutorial book i found is Learn Python The Hard Way, which is available for free online, or you can buy the hard copy. (It's not hard, despite the name. trust me)
  3. I'm learning Java with youth digital! Great thing to look into
  4. Learn Python first its the best begginer language.
    Also there's some good ebooks out there that I have used to learn Python
  5. :p I went to codecademy.com and did a bit of work there, but didn't really learn much other than how to use command.log() in JavaScript. Anything else?
  6. I've heard that code academy is good. I was stupid and completely taught myself to code, so I've probably got bad habits :p I'd certainly recommend doing some king of tutorial.

    If you want to work on websites, w3schools.com is good for html, css, javascript and PHP, all of which are good beginner languages.
  7. I loved learning Python. That's what I think you should start with. Super basic but not scratch. We don't talk about scratch.
    If you are looking for practical uses C++ would be the way to go but it is likely to advanced for someone starting off, so I would recommend JavaScript... (That is where I am going next...)
  8. If you try Python, you might want to also try PyGame which is a game library for Python: http://pygame.org/wiki/about

    I've never had the chance to use it, but it seems well documented.
  9. Learning python will give you good job skills too. You could make a decent amount of money at my job if all you knew how to do was code python.
  10. Two things? What's the pay and where can I get this job... :p
  11. I'll PM you