Where mah witches at?

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  1. So I decided to set off on an adventure a few days ago to catch a witch. But after days of travel and danger, I come upon a newly loaded hut. I go up to, expecting a splash of poison or something, but then, nothing. I look around for it, and its not there. Any idea why this happened?
  2. Sometimes this happens.
  3. reason 1 :well, it was obviously using a invisabilty potion. reason 2: it died right after it saw your face, xD R3: she probably died being attacked by a zombie or something :p
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  4. Witch huts don't always have witches in them - they're just the only place a witch can spawn. Just be patient and light up the surrounding areas. This video should help:
  5. Witches don't spawn in their huts, but they do rarely spawn anywhere in a swamp. And you can't eggify it because it is a hostile mob.
  6. Darn, guess I'm having my BBQ in the swamp.
  7. "Witch Huts only generate in swamp biomes. Witches always spawn inside of them."
    -the Minecraft Wiki
    Again, I recommend watching the video above.
  8. Witch huts are generated only in swamp biomes, and with them is a 7x9x6 or so cube of space where witches can and will spawn, provided it is dark enough and there aren't too many entities around. So yes, they do spawn in their huts, and no, they will not spawn in the surrounding area. It also doesn't matter if you break the hut at all, because the witches spawn based on that set cube of space, not the hut itself.

    More importantly, witches are hostile mobs. They will attack you on first sight, and they are deadly. I suggest you set up a bed nearby because you might get killed. And when you say you wanted to "catch a witch", do you mean use a stick to turn one into a spawn egg for 100r? Because they are hostile mobs, and like every other hostile mob, you cannot eggify them. Don't be fooled by their villager-like appearance.
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  9. ^^Very helpful^^
  10. The witch decided not to mess with a troll skin guy :p
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  11. By catching I mean setting up a grinder and get unlimited redstone/glowstone etc.