Where I have been other than EMC (FTB)

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Which should I build first on FTB?

ME Auto Crafting Factory System 5 vote(s) 55.6%
New thermal energy program for my reactor to detect heat levels better 3 vote(s) 33.3%
Other (Please specify) 1 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. So yeah, some have asked me when I log in to claim my Voting Rewards, "Where have you been?".
    To answer all of those and not have to type a response to each person. I have been playing Feed the Beast! If ya don't know what that is. Google it, Too much to explain but you need a good computer to run it. (Stick to EMC if you are unsure about your computer's processing speed)

    I'll just show you a world I've been playing in. Pictures:

    This is my Entrance to my Home. I used Advanced Information Panel and Extenders to make that sign. Rather easy. The door is reappearing blocks which are gathered from the Twilight Zone.

    The immediate hallway. At the end is a Myst World Portal which is used as a OverWorld Warp Station.

    The Storage/Bedroom (Currently in the process of making a better ME System to my current ME Terminal you can see in the left *Uses 2 64k Storages so far)

    This is the Work Station. Where I smelt, craft, and create energy. It has a Item Tessaract below it that is fed items from a Quarry in Myst World. For EU Energy - I use an Ultimate Hybrid Panel and Hybrid Panel. For MJ Energy I use an array of Electrical Engines feeding a line of Redstone energy Conduits which store power into my Redstone Energy Cells and a Energy Tesseract which powers the Quarry in the Myst World. Here is both Pictures of Work Station and Energy Capacity Containment:

    Forgot to Show a quick peak at my primitive ME Storage System (Lots of Random Stuff)

    This is my Laser Chipset Manufacturing Room. It is hooked up with Redstone Energy Conduits from the other Room. This is where I get the parts and pieces to make my ME System and WIP ME Stuff. Uses a lot of MJ so I have it hooked up to its own Personal Secondary Array of Redstone Energy Cells that store the incoming energy. The only thing setting me back is gathering silicone to make the Chips ready to be used in installment processes.

    Last but not least, Nuclear Power. This type of energy creator makes EU Power. It currently has one task. To power a teleportation system which uses Millions of EU Voltage. The setup in the reactor is not shown because thats a whole different story on how that works. Heres a picture to the Entrance of the Reactor with a Password Terminal followed by a heap of stairs down:

    This is the Reactor Main Core, the front reactor is the one I just explained which uses Quad Uranium Cells. The one behind it is a Breeder Reactor. Re-Enriches the Depleted Cells in which I can either reuse again or manufacture into Nuclear Weapons which I have a few at my disposal now.

    Well that is all. I have nearly reached my limits with the technology aspect on FTB. Soon I will start the Bee Processing and possibly ThaumCraft Magic. (Though this makes alot of Wisp and I hate those!)
    I'll be making a more active return here to my Home in EMC soon enough! For now you can reach me on the EMC Mumble which I have started to actively use once again.
  2. Cool world, and I haven't talked to you in a while Jay-buddy ole' pal.

    I haven't played FTB in a bit but I recognize quite a bit of your stuff, my favorite things were those thaumcraft tools that are on your bar.
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  3. Oh yes! I forgot to explain those Haha. Axe of the Stream, Sword of the Zephyer, Pickaxe of the Core. The next is an ME Weapon. Matter Cannon, loaded with 200k Power Cell and fires Lead Nuggets (Best possible for it). Nitor is just in my inventory coz I had to remove it from the Work Station to take that picture. Golden Bag of holding is next which has a bunch of Pump and Tube stuff for my Myst World Factories/Quarries. Then Steak xDDD
  4. I know that FTB and Tekkit are completely different but I am envious of that laser setup, probably going to make one now.
    However, I think you'd be envious of my quarry ;)
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  5. Hmm did you spawn in those tools by any chance? I used to play a fair bit of ftb and i don't think those are particularly easy to make :p
  6. EDIT: My quarry can't run along with my ME system at the same time without a major power loss soooooooooo
  7. These are not spawned in but I found them in Wisp Chest that are random spawns like dungeons. You can also find them in Burrows.
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  8. I have NO idea what this is, but it looks so cool :D
  9. You got lucky then haha. Nice place as well! One thing i enjoy doing is the big reactors mod (i think its called that) and using it on a mass array of quarries, which does decimate the landscape in case you were wondering >:)
  10. Out of interest, I haven't played this mod yet, what PC specs are you running for this? I think CPU and GPU will do nicely
  11. I don't think a good GPU is required for ftb however a mid range CPU may be as it requires a lot of processing due to the sheer amount of mods working at one time as you advance through the game. I am not 100% sure though as i have an i7 processor and a gtx760 so i rarely get issues due to pc specs :)
  12. Okay, I've the same GPU and probably a slightly higher costing i7
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  13. You should be more than fine running ftb then haha