where have the mobs gone

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Maga_farstar, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. hi all

    i have been in the wild for a about 1 hour today on smp7 and have not seen a single mob...

    now i know im good but i dont think thay are hiding from me. so any clue as to what is going on

  2. there have been some recent problems with mobs grinders causing a mob cap. I reported to a mod a while ago. I'm hoping its fixed soon!
  3. thanks for that
  4. The spice mobs must flow. - Baron Harkonnen Aikar
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  5. I did a broadcast asking for anyone with a grinder to kill em off, but a quick overview to a few people in the wild I couldnt find anyone abusing grinders.

    I saw quite a few with high levels of natural spawns (up to 100) so it is possible the cap is just naturally hit from players natural spawns around them. and others have reported seeing spawns now.
  6. thanks Aikar
  7. Hmm . . . seems like there were an awful lot of very insistent mobs recently on smp7. Mystery solved. ;)