Where have all the good mobs gone?

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  1. Over the last week I've read several posts about mob grinders seeing fewer and fewer mobs. I've also noticed when I go out into the wild and visit some of my favorite "killing fields" :) there have been absolutely no mobs around (the same has happened when I'm in dungeons). This has been very obvious over the last few days. Any ideas?...... I'm usually on smp9.
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  2. they despawned lots of mobs. goodbye mushie ;'(
  3. Why has this been done? I don't think I'm "grinding" mobs, but I'm definitely trying to go out there and get bone meal to grow some trees on my res and hell if I can find any skeletons :/ HOURS of searching while gathering other stuff and only 4 bones to show for my troubles :(
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  4. Ok my first comment, I thought I posted this :p
    2nd, I've heard lots of stuff like this in forums yet my quadruple zombie spawner has not been affected
  5. Earlier I went out for a quick xp fix. While in a desert which usually spawns mobs all through the night, I could only find one lonely zombie. Poor, poor zombie..... he didn't survive. :)
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  6. Spawners that use water to push the mobs around don't seem to be affected for me either. Blaze are definitely bugged, and dark rooms don't seem to work.
  7. Yeah, I've noticed fewer and fewer mobs as well. I'm on smp9 also. In my recent wanderings through the wild I have started to find more friendly mobs recently but the hostiles don't seem to be making a comeback. There certainly don't seem to be as many zombies, creepers, spiders or skellies roaming about.
    Just the other night I found a cave and a mine and saw nothing. No creepers lurking, waiting to explode as I mined and the cave spider spawner I stumbled across was really slow. I did message IceCreamCow about it. He got Justin involved and they're looking into it. I feel so safe at night, in caves and during thunderstorms that it's like I don't even have to wear armor anymore. :(
  8. Yeah My grinders are fine... but when I travel back to spawn there is not one mob present!
  9. same thing here, no skeletons or creepers = no bones, arrows or sulfur. Havent found surface mobs on servers 5 or 4 for many days
  10. All mob spawning has a cap. The cap is determined by the number of players on the server. Forgive me, but I don't feel like looking up the exact formula at the moment. That cap includes mobs spawned by spawner or "naturally."

    Spawners are not effected by this, and will continue to spawn mobs. So, if a player goes AFK from their grinder for a while (using a spawner) this will effect the naturally spawning mobs. (Naturally means mobs in caves, on the surface, in dark rooms, etc.)

    When I notice this, I usually check to see who is online at the time..... Someone has a ton of mobs in their grinder waiting to be killed.
  11. very same issue. I can roam all terrains at night, nothing shows up. I'll run into groups of friendly mobs, but even they seem very lethargic, just kinda sit there. I wonder what's up...

    Grinders aren't illegal, right? I just built one for the first time. Nothing's spawning in the dark, but I've noticed this lack of mobs for several days now.
  12. It's also annoying that players stand AFK for hours to get XP and come back to 300+ Mobs.
  13. Grinding is boring too :D and since the mob cap decreased it x2 boring
  14. LOL so true, the other day I had to do bio whilest grinding it was that slow!
  15. Haha I am used to this as this has happened before, I am making good use of smp7 having no mobs
    I went on a 2 hour mining trip the other day.....saw one skele.
    So I suggest we take advantage of this and go mining.....and pray that they don't start spawning again while you are mining lol :p
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  16. Last week I found my first zombie spawner. I built a grinder and it produces maybe 1-2 zombies per minute, which seems slow but at least I have a little xp coming in. I was making a little money selling TNT, but no more creepers. I suppose it's back to selling wool unless I can find a buyer for my "rotten flesh bombs." :)