Where has Legit been?

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  1. So as some of you might have noticed, I haven't been exactly active for a bit, and I thought I would explain why. Its nothing bad, I have lost some interest in Minecraft, but not whole lot. The main reason is that I simply can't connect to EMC. I can connect to any other server, but not any EMC server without getting an error message anywhere from 5-30 seconds after connecting. I've tried resetting my internet, turning my computer on and off, and uninstalling and then reinstalling Minecraft, but nothing I've tried has worked, and any help on that would be great.

    Another reason is other games. Anyone who has me added on Steam might have noticed that I've been playing three games a lot lately, TF2, (Like normal) Sim City 4, (As the thread here on EMC will show) and Saints Row 3, which I've owned for awhile, but never really played until two days ago due to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, which I still haven't beaten. I've been playing these three games a lot lately because they all fill something I like. TF2 fills my liking of team based games, Saints Row 3 and GTASA fill my liking of senseless violence, Saints Row more so, and Sim City 4 fill my liking of a challenge, because one stupid decision and there goes you're entire city budget.

    And the third reason is.... real life. Not bad stuff in real life, but real life, such as my friend. This is someone who I met through a now "ex-friend" who has managed to become a huge part of my life, even if she did introduce herself by picking up my ex-friends phone, and saying she was hiding in my closet. (Spoiler alert, she wasn't, she was under my bed) You might ask, "Well why would she cut down on your Minecraft time?" Well, because I screwed up. Long story short, we dated for a bit, and she said that she wan't ready and that she thought she was when I asked her out. I overreacted to this, mostly because pretty much every relationship I've ever been in ends like that, only to later be reveled later that it was a lie to cover up the real reason. So to make this short story shorter, I felt bad and still do, and even though I know were still ok, its been bothering me a lot, and hopefully we'll start talking again once school starts again, next week I believe.

    But enough of that, that point is that I'm still here, I just can't really be in game at the moment, due to my connection problems, along with the other things.
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  2. Before anyone else asks the question. Are you using the correct IP? :p

    Anyways, at least you're still here. :D
  3. Yes I am :p
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