where do i find the server address

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  1. can i play continually or will i have to start from scratch every time i play? I am a free member and if you know to answer, please tell me
  2. No, you don't have to start again every time :) although if you don't log on for 10 days, your residence will be reset :(

    and a server address is smp4.EmpireMinecraft.com
  3. thanks so much. ill be sure to log in AT LEAST every 10 days:D
  4. The other servers you may wish to visit if SMP4 is full are
    Here you can gather supplies to transfer to your lot :)

    Also if you become a Gold or Diamond supporter, you can access the utopia wilderness

    Free members can visit to see all the awesome lots there free of charge :)
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  5. Also, always remember that visiting any of the servers classes as a valid login and resets your 10 day drelict countdown, even Utopia. So if you are getting close to 10 days offline and need to reset, you don't need to login on the server your lot is on, you can use any. :)
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  6. if this werent true eclypsys and i would have lost our lots on smp1 by now XD