Where can I get lots of iron and emeralds?

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  1. You can mine the ores in the /waste, meant for resource gathering, not /wild, meant for exploring.
    For iron you can also make an iron farm.
    For emeralds, it is better to trade with villagers. But if you want rupees, try to find the ores in the wastelands.
  2. There's a bunch of iron at 14444 smp7. But all the emeralds have been bought out
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  3. You can buy mine at 1577 on smp1, I also sell diamonds, gold, and blue dye
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  4. Thanks for all the replays

    I'm looking to buy, as I need mass amounts

    In process of making emerald farm, but I need emeralds to farm emeralds, and I need iron for beacons
  5. Well
    I think the best way for you to start is getting a sugar cane farm, then some infinite villagers before 1.8 comes out
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  6. i am in the process of getting an infinite villeger

    how do infinite villagers break

    I've now gotten all the iron i need