Where Can I Buy Cheap Diamonds For My Use Only

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by R0bbieJo, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. As you all know I am mining my fingers off for this project! I am also using all my own resources to fund and gain as many supplies as I can.
    This requires LOTS of tools... lol
    Where can I buy decently priced diamonds?
    I will not resell them. I will use them for me and those who help me mine. I do not want to take advantage of lower prices because I am a Mod... please charge me what you would normally. I just have never shopped for them since I came here so I have no clue where to go...LOL

    Thank You In Advance For Your Help! :)
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  2. 9000 on smp4 mabey?
  3. Try d1223m, alexchance, 1111, anywhere that has stock exchanges.
  4. I can always give you some robbie, I have a secret stash I keep secret from bob... lol I have about 10 stacks of diamonds.
  5. it's not incredibly cheap, but since she is a good friend I always buy my diamonds from wassatthen on smp5, and she sells them 1 or 10 at a time for 50r each. As I said, not incredibly cheap, but always in stock.
  6. d1223m has a stock exchange. I rarely visit due to the lag it gives my craptop but if I remember correctly it is well-stocked.
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  7. which res....lol
  8. His one on smp3 :p I forgot his res number though.
  9. i have a few stacks i can sell you ^.^
  10. Just tell me where to meet you :)
  11. you can come to my utopian res, :) i'll be there waiting
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  12. I guess we have the same kind of computer.
  13. Samsung R510. Yours? :p
  14. Oh I meant the craptop thing :confused:
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  15. Hey, no hiding diamonds from me. And R0bbieJo, I will throw a few stacks in an Access chest on 8466 for you (to the right of the teleporters). See everyone, I am making progress.......:p
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  16. 4005 usually has a couple of stacks stocked :)
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  17. Robbie you should come visit my enchant store! Btw 10% discount because your an awesome mod!
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  18. alot of people keep forgetting you can simply type /v d1223m to get to his res :D
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  19. 45r / piece at 12162, enough stock ... welcome! :)

    BTW: non-hostile reselling - for profit - is important for stable and strong economy :)
  20. Go to SMP9 and check these shops:

    Herbrin3 or 19000 (You'll have to do /res unstuck then walk the other way inside) There's like half chest of diamonds for 43r/diamond also diamond blocks if you want bulk.
    SGX2000 might open her shop soon