Where are you from/Rupees

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  1. I was wondering, what is everyone's rupee balance and what country/state/providence (if applicable)
    . Have fun

  2. 30k r USA/Michigan :p
  3. 594 and United States.
  4. 14.8k and USA
  5. 512k, Australia :)
  6. um... donations to the poor? xD
  7. how about donations to the EXTREMELY poor :p
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  8. How about no?
  9. 49k and

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  10. was joking dude.
  11. 60k and rising :)
  12. You forgot the photo:

    I'm at 7,118 Rupees and I'm from North Carolina
  13. lols.
  14. When i get rich i will donate to alot of ppl :)
  15. Thats what they all say...
  16. 77k, South Carolina:)
  17. Edit. Where do You Live?
  18. 66666kk rupees, and NY. Its true.