When your ready come and get it! Selena Gomez's New Song

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  1. 'Nuff Said
    What do you think this song means? I personally thought it was bout Hinduism or serenity. Probally the second one.
  2. O.O.... I must be getting old (Although I am only 20). The only thing I remember about this girl is that she was in that wizard show on Disney channel and that she was dating Justin Beiber, didn't know she made music O.O
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  3. Hmm... I don't like the message that this song gives off. Its just the title, "Come and get it" Come and get what?
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  4. I'm sorry, but when I hear something like "Na nana na" I expect to hear the word "Batman" after it, not the previous sentence.
    Is she trying to look sexy by moving her arms over a bunch of mirrors?
    That dress she was in around those rocks looked better on Daenerys Targaryen.
    She sounds like she has a stutter.
    Why are they blowing dust across an area where people are sitting down?
    That guy's chin is likely getting the most action out of this video.
  5. To me she was acting wayyy to mature for her age. Yea the song is oksy but, it could've been much much better.
  6. How does one remember what kind of dress a celebrity is wearing and relate it to another celebrity? And how the heck can you remember that name? Tell us your secrets! I can barely remember half of my friends last names:p
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  8. I never did relate it to a celebrity, I related it to a book/TV character.
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