When will the Wastelands reset?

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  1. Samsimx, lameidl, NoobOfEpicness, and I have a Mini temp. Base in the wastelands where we kill mobs. We have some stuff in chests down there and I was wondering if there is going to be a weeks or days notice so we can retrieve our stuff and head home.
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  2. Whenever 1.6 comes out, there will be new terrain generation, so it should reset then.
  3. When 1.6 comes out or when EMC updates to 1.6?
  4. When EMC updates for 1.6; if they reset when 1.6 came out, EMC would have 1.5.2 generated land.
  5. Ok, thank you :)
  6. The wastelands will be reset when needed I would assume... So when it's looking real beat-up and ores and resources are difficult to come by it'll be reset ;)
  7. why do you need a reset atm? on all the servers i have seen the areas around spawn arent that beat up. they will reset when an update happens/ resources need to be traveled great distances to (and so far that isnt the case seeing as how i found diamond ore right by an outpost on smp1)
  8. 1.6 is coming out next week, couple weeks after we will be updating. That's why they will be reset. For the horses and more!
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  9. If you read the OP, he's not asking for a reset, he's wondering when it's coming so he can take the stuff he has in temporary chests back to town. :)
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  10. shouldnt really keep anything valuable out there anyways
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  11. they warn u not to keep anything in the wastelands, because u can loose it. so i would say bring it back now and make a base in the old wild
  12. .. there is a warning when you go NOT to keep your things in the wastelands because they will be reset WITHOUT warning... so why would you?
  13. eh. some people like having the safety and storage of a base out there. even if its temporary. Also along with them saying without warning idk about that. I heard they would give warning in advance. Also since i saw that 1.6 was coming and made that thread about it coming in a week, i also gave a heads up to the wasteland dwellers in extreme advance. :D
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  14. 1.6 is adding horses, and due to the animal spawning mechanics, horses have a very low chance to spawn in previously generated chunks. Desert generation has been tweaked to no longer have water pools. The wastelands will be reset with 1.6.
  15. Wastelands will be reset IMMEDIATELY on EMC's 1.6 update. ICC is suppose to have updated the post to mention that.
  16. So right when people start to log on again in 1.6 the wastelands will be reset?
  17. He did, but, it is not on the top of Empire News and I think people are lazy so they won't scroll down :p
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  18. This may be a dumb question but will the Frontier (wild) be affected by the reset as well and the stuff will need to be brought back to town or it is lost or is it just he Wasteland?
  19. Just wastelands. (Hopefully)
  20. It's just the wastelands that is being reset.