When Pigs Fly: Super Derping on Utopia

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  1. Diamond supportership + saddle + pig + Horse + utopia = Thank you for flying with Airlynx Airlines!

  2. I have one word.. Wow :D
  3. We had some good views. :) Lovely scenery, though it was hard to fish off the back of a flying pig while we were moving over a fountain. :p
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  4. We tried to create a chain, where I had hashhog3000 on the lead and he had lameidl on a lead, but it was too unstable and lam's lead kept snapping.
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  5. I remember Jc did this to us all once when leads first came in, she took like 10 people on a magical horse ride all at once lol. I have the picture somewhere.... no patience to find it.
  6. After bumping into a res with no move flags the leads turned invisible but the horse and the pig were still flying along with me as if they were still on leads:

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  7. This truely was epic!
  8. Pigs do fly..