When Jcplugs was a youngster

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  1. Once upon a time there was a little Jcplugs. She went on a little journey across the pond. When she reached the center of the pond she saw something...something mysterious.

    But what was it she saw?
  2. My guess is AlexChance.
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  3. Nessy?
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  4. Making that into a meme. :cool:
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  5. Send it to me when finished :rolleyes:
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  6. Send it to me as well...
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  7. I would just liek to point out how adorable Conn is...
  8. Well played....Well played indeed
  9. A picture duel
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  10. Fishy!!!!
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  11. I'm just going to watch this thread to see what happens...
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  12. Woo go chargers!
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  13. Well that escalated quickly Lol
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  14. does jc look like bubble girl to anyone else?
  15. Uhh, no?
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  16. yes. yes.
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  17. Bump. The world must see this ;)
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  18. Jc got you good..
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  19. Psh I don't know what you're talking about. People can see that I'm adorable now :cool:
  20. ... lol... Sponge Bob... xD
    btw, are you two close by each other... :p

    A camera.