When is Wilderness getting reset Again?

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  1. Wanted know when are when do they reset wilderness because i go mining alot and i can never find diamonds when making tunnels and i have to relly far when digging tunnels to find diamonds and always get killed coming back
  2. The wilderness only gets reset when Mojang releases an update that adds new things to the wild, such as ravines, mineshafts, jungles, new height limit, etc.
  3. kk its just hard to find stuff now like everyone goes there and relly find it hard all i find is iron ore they should reset it like every 2 week so diamonds and stuff can still be found but if thats the case o Well
  4. That would be a hindrance to those who have created wilderness bases. A lot of people would disagree with this suggestion, just saying :)
  5. kk i was thinking about my tunnels and safe rooms it was a bad suggestion
  6. :) I understand where your coming from though. It's so frustrating having to trek for hours to find a decent mining spot, just to have to find your way back, I suggest upgrading to supporter status, the utopia wilderness is much less destroyed and the fact it's always daytime makes the journey back that lil bit easier :)
  7. There are infinite ammounts of diamonds in the wilderness, you just gotta know how to find it. You need to go to an area that isn't mined dry yet. If theres any signs of life (torches in caves, manmade tunnels, workbenches) go further from spawn. A great way to get far from spawn is through the nether, as every step in the nether is 8 steps in the overworld. Make a portal when you think you've traveled far enough and go to the overworld. Mine at around Y=12 (around the same depth as where you find lava and redstone) and you're bound to find some diamonds.
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  8. kk thanks for that its really help :D
  9. Just walk about 10 minutes out of spawn there's TONS :)
  10. thanks this really helps :D :)