When is periodic reset area being 'Reset'?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MessyTreat, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Been looking for a thread on this but can't seem to find any info.
    When will the PRA be reset?
    SMP2 is looking pretty bad. :eek:
  2. I will prob reset these soon. Try using outposts :)

    The reason they are not on a "schedule" is because it is so taxing on the servers it has to be taken offline to run :(
  3. Lol I noticed someone took the time to fix some of the bomb site on smp7 not sure if it's a player made thing or the reset but a LOT of it is fixed from what I saw
  4. In that case, farm them while you can, before he resets them, great close by resource of materials, But its polite to try not to destroy to much of the land so you can at least navigate them while trying to get around them to the wilderness :)
  5. I have built bridges across the wasteland to get to solid ground. most players are respectful of the bridges and keep them in a decent state of repair but some players just treat them with complete disregard.
    Makes me weep for humanity.
  6. Thanks Justin.

    I assume you will post on the main site when this will happen.
  7. You realise that's the exact cause of this problem yes?

    Go a few hundred blocks out and mine where it wont have such a compressed and multiplied impact.
  8. Are Outposts reset? they do not take that much damage and i dont think they need to...i built a big mob farm near an outpost only to discover its inside that yellow box around the outpost. Help plz
  9. Don't fret, outposts are reset as well.
  10. Nothing to do but build it farther away next time. :)