When I'm older

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  1. When I'm older i want to make a video game and if my video game doesn't sell i want something to fall back on like animation i want your guys opinion on this
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  2. lol I love this
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  3. ..........
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  4. I'm serious... I really love this! lol
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  5. LOL
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  6. That's a nice shark (EDIT) NOT A SHARK.
    But always remember, Fish are friends, not food.

    Since you are still young, you will have PLENTY of time to fine-tune your artistic and programming skills.
    Since there are hundreds of thousands of players here on EMC, I'm sure many would be willing to help you with your programming, design, and artistic skills for your video game/art.
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  7. Its not a shark its something that popped in my head from a finding nemo animation i think ...
  8. I can recommend taking some classes in each category you want to learn. It can really improve your skill sets.
  9. Is it the Anglerfish from when Marlin and dory are looking for the mask?
  10. I already started
    Not sure =P
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  11. It's beautiful............... Is it perhaps a depiction of Minecraft consuming your life? :D
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  12. Yes i spend way to much time on emc
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