When did the Zombie Virus change?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by airlynx99, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Okay, so I've lured a Momentus into a hole and was about to go put him down when I pop a zombie virus. Standard protocol for me, wait for the negative effects to wear off then jump in and stand toe to toe with the giant. But wait, what's this? When all the negative effects wore off I was only left with 10 seconds of Resistance 4! What happened!

    All I can say is that a bloodbath ensued, mostly my blood, and a few tears.
  2. The super long duration was a bug.... And I ended up fixing the bug to release the Haunted Candy. That bug made haunted candy not work at all, but now that I fixed the bug, the zombie virus effect durations now are my originally intended values.
  3. So we get 30 seconds of drunk/drugged/KO'd/dehydrated/hypothermia/migraine mode just for 10 seconds of the good stuff? Kind of a waste :\
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  4. Why Aikar?
    No just kidding but that's unfortunate :(
  5. you know, I added momentus and marlix to be fights that are actually challenging... :p So to pop a zombie virus and be near invincible kind of undoes that intent lol.
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  6. So we basically have Weakness 3 and all the negative effects for 2 minutes along with resistant 5. That is kind of ridiculous. Today 4 people came to fight a momentus including me, and we all use zombie viruses and all died... are armour is gone to. Its a little to challenging when it is a 4v1 fight where other enraged zombies spawn every 5 seconds making it IMPOSSIBLE to get our armour back :p
  7. Also were the momentus spawn rate increased DRAMATICLY or something? Every single time I try and go to the smp8 outpost to do something, a momentus spawns. Today I died with god armour(second time this week :p ). I can't get out of the wilderness without a marlix or momentus spawning. :mad:
  8. I don't mind the Marlix so much, if I can't deal with him when I encounter him I just chase him off to somewhere that we can deal with him later, but the Momentus will essentially guard an area until he's dead. The desert outside my base seems to be a hotspot for both of them lately, so certain ... measures had been put in place to deal with them, along with a stockpile of zombie viruses. Now that those zombie viruses are essentially useless I might as well sell them off, I'm not a fan of inventory space wasters.

    Also, is it just me, or did their drops suddenly get reduced as well? We killed 3 Marlix's in a row a few days ago and got absolutely nothing, just a few diamonds from their minions. And that Momentus, which I have so many other not so fun names for, left us with 2 zombie heads. Not worth the blood, tears, and diamond armor that went into that battle.