What's your Mod combination when playing MC in EMC?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. My Mods of choice to make my gameplay experience better are:

    Optfine for Multi-core systems
    Inventory Tweaks
    Reis Minimap

    I find it's easy to install these mods and add just the right amount of improvement without going too far.

    If you want this combination as well, I've stuck them all into one zip folder, numbered in the order they need to be installed in.

    Don't forget to delete the META INF folder from the minecraft.jar file once they're all installed or you'll get the Black Screen of Death!

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  2. ModLoader
    Reis Minimap

    Thats about it :)
  3. Wait wahh? i thought only Optifine and Rei was allowed
  4. What? No, there are loads of Mods allowed. Check the Mod forum that Twitch runs.

    I do like the sound of Autoswitch. I might give it a try.

    P.S - Keep your eyes peeled for someone dropping themselves in it when they go:

    "Yah, I use blah blah blah and xray mod blah blah blah."
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  5. I would totally fall of my chair laughing then :D
  6. Yeah i use modloader optifine audiomod idk why, xray autoswitch godmode lightlevels

    jk i only use optifine
  7. Oh, your avatar makes me cringe. That poor little lamb :( There are few things in life more disgusting than being licked by a cow :eek:
  8. its a sheep :/
  9. SMPSlimeFix, Rei Mini Map, Fishing fix. So far only ones I've tried to install with MCPatcher.
  10. ModLoader
    Rei's Minimap

    Don't really use x-ray
  11. Optifine,xrayxrayxrayxrayxrayxray and Rei's Minimap.

    I obviously use X-ray! /sarcasm -lol
  12. I don't find that joke funny anymore.