Whats Your Favorite TV Show and What Episode

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  1. Mine Personally is um... I forgot...
    Dang it.
    But My Favorite TV shows are family guy,south park, full house, the cleveland show, modern marbles, spongebob (A classic), ss vs ss, kip kay tv (yes he has one) , Many more that I have forgetton.

    Oh and one of my favorite episodes in south park is 99% percent.
  2. South Park!! FTW! New episodes on Comedy Central! (Sky 128?)
  3. TV Show: The Walking Dead
    Episode: Days Gone Bye
  4. TV show: M*A*S*H
    Episode: Pilot/ captain Tuttle :D

    And yes,I know it f'****old but I still love it :D
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  5. Favorite show? Dirty Jobs.
    favorite episode: Sled dog breeder.
    second favorite episode? steel mill worker.

    Second favorite show? World's toughest fixes.
    favorite episode? hm... either the nuclear turbine fix or the forth rail bridge fix.
  6. Juego de Tronos
    Favorite episode: I don't know.
  7. Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    Favorite Episode: It's About Time (I think that's the episode name?).
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  8. TV show: Big Bang Thoery!
    Favourite Episode: EVERY EPISODE!
  9. [Puke Rainbows.]
    I haven't heard of that show :p
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  10. Chascarillo, might I suggest we:

    And you haven't heard of Big Bang Theory? I guess you don't get Fox comedies in Spain?
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  11. I was about to quote him on that and then I saw hayjam spelled it wrong and that is why Chas said that :)
  12. LOL Mine Is The Simpsons. Like And Enjoy Every Episode And They Never Get Old :)
  13. I beg to differ:
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  14. I guess you didn't get the joke. And yes, we have got Fox comedies here. I'm a big fan of Big bang Theory
  15. Family guy, Gravity falls, Spongebob, Adventure time, American dad, and Regular show.
    I have a wide variety of shows that I like, but all of them are cartoons.
  16. If I could only watch on genre, it would be cartoons. My friends think I'm childish, but, I'm still secluded even with them...
  17. That '70s Show. It's been a while since I last watched it, though, so I don't remember which episode is my favorite. Let's just say that except for season 8, I loved that show so much, I've watched it every episode from start to finish at least six times.
  18. Naoki Urasawa's: Monster. The final episode, or the Magnificant Stiener. Walking Dead is runner up, but the series isn't done yet.
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  19. Ahem.. All time best ever incoming in 3...1....2

    Doctor who

    I bet you didn't notice I mixed 1 and 2 around
  20. All of those, Heh, other shows that aren't cartoons, say like on Disney, they suck in my opinion.