What's your favorite car/truck?

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  1. Mine would have to be a tie between a Mazda RX7:

    And a KTM X-Bow:

    What is your favorite car/truck?
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  2. Those are some cool cars!

    My favorite car is the Audi R8
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  3. I am a big fan of the Pagani Zonda R
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  4. one of my friend's dad has a silver R8. Its pretty sweet.
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  5. Really? Nice!
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  6. Yasss! The Model S is awesome. The Aventador not so much, one drove past the other day and made the worst noise I've ever heard a car make :p
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  7. The 1980s Audi Ur quattro Coupe.
    (My own image)

    I have been obsessed with this car for about a year and a half or so and I can safely say that my love for this car isn't going to end any time soon - I have been to some car events simply to capture this car on camera and it's great. While it's a great road car and I hope to own one some day, it also had a lot of history in rallying, here's a few pictures of a couple of the rally versions that they made... (My images)

    Coupe quattro A1

    Coupe quattro A2

    Sport quattro S1

    Sport quattro S1 E2

    I could go on to you all about this car forever. Absolutely love them! Here's a picture of me with the one we rented out for my prom back in May of this year :)
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  8. McLaren F1 all the way baby!!! Woot!
    Have no Images, but it's awesome nonetheless :)
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  9. You stole my funny post! I was gonna be like "*waits for FDNY to show pictures of my cars*", but you already have :c

    I saw someone with FDNY on their t-shirt the other day. Thought of you bby <3
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  10. I thought that somebody was going to say it too, looks like I beat you all to it xD

    Woot, I have an FDNY shirt too! Yay c:
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  11. I was thinking about posting that too :p
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  12. Personally, I like the BMW M3 GTR a lot. Courtesy of NFS (the good old ones).

    Link is here.
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  13. Love Since First Sight.

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  14. I have a feeling that I'll be visiting here a lot... :rolleyes:
    The old Need For Speed games are great! The original Most Wanted from year 2005 and Carbon were childhood favourites for me, and the BMW M3 GTR really topped them off.

    Listen to a video of the BMW M3 GTR in the Most Wanted game of 2005 and the exhaust note is absolutely lovely. Or perhaps it sounds more like hatred, but either way, it sounds absolutely awesome!

    The E46 GTR which is in the game is nice but I always preferred the looks of the E36 GTR, here's pictures for comparison:

    But, the absolute best BMWs? Definitely the E30 (original) M3 and the BMW M1. Pictures in spoilers below! :D

    There's some nice BMW for you all ;)
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  15. Still more torque then your Honda
  16. Lol @Matherox. @FDNY, the BMW M1 is my 2nd favorite BMW. =P But for some reason, the E36 reminds me of a RX7. It looks slightly Asian for some reason, I dunno why. Not that I dislike the RX7, that car's a beast at drifting.
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  17. 69 Shelby GT500

    69 Camaro SS
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  18. Bat Mobile
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