What's you favorite Pokemon

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Do you know what I'm talking about

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  1. It's just like this title says, what is your favorite pokemon, it can be any pokemon that already exists, no made up ones. My favorite pokemon is Rotom because in the game I got him to lvl 100 and he crushed my opponents with just one move.
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  2. My favorite pokemon? Espeon. I got an espion card in fourth grade, and ever since i have been in love with him. I always use him in every game that he is in, and his shiny version, is even better, being a green color. I do not play the games too much, but i am a huge pokemon card collector. I have over 2500 cards. This is the card i got in 4th grade.
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  3. My favorite is tied between three Pokemon.
    • Dusknoir
    • Gardevoir
    • Trevenant
    Dusknoir because I always loved the Duskull line and when he was introduced I loved him instantly.
    Gardevoir is my main partner in all my Hoenn playthroughs and would be my partner if Pokemon were real.
    Trevenant because he is just that dang cool. :D
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  4. I also love all my shiny pokemon I have (card wise) which is charizard, ponyta, and vaporean. Another thing which makes them even specialer to me, I pulled all these out of packs, and right away put them in my safe. Ik, specialer is not a word btw.
    these are the pictures of them

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  5. Not a huge Pokemon fan, but when I was younger it was probably the best card, and most likable of the bunch.

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  6. Going to have to go with my good old friend Dragonite :)
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  7. Its always been a tie between 3 for me. Flygon, Porygon-z, and Galvantula. I love all 3 for many, mostly nostalgic reasons.
    Porygon-Z was used in my 1st actual non team of overleveled starter legendary and HM slaves playthrough after receiving a Porygon 2 with the Dubious Disc from my cousin, it always was a Powerhouse on my team, spamming Tunderbolts and Ice Beams. Not to mention its quite good competitively and has earned a spot in most of my Teams.

    Flygon has always been a favorite of mine, but I finally got to use one in Black 2 and White 2 where nooby me didn't have to defeat the E4 and champ to get one. He did not disappoint.

    Galvantula earned my respect in a Nuzlocke run, I always had like him before because
    A: I like Tarantulas
    B: It has a nice design and typing
    But in this run, I had a Galvantula called Gerald, he was a beast. Not only was he the sole survivor of the great Dragon Gym massacre, but he dished out powerful attacks and held on with minimal HP many times
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  8. Speaking of this, any VGC Players still out there?
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