What's up, EMC?

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  1. In the spirit of #EMCForumLife, I'm creating this thread simply for general community discussion.

    So, yeah, talk about what's going on with your life, discuss your problems, help others with their problems, talk about various EMC things, whatever you want! This thread is solely for community discussion. :) No drama allowed, of course.

    Thanks to AlexChance for the idea, as this is 100% a rip-off of his "How are you, EMC?" thread that went inactive a while ago. I thought I might as well just make a new one so we could have some current conversation.

    So, what's up? Let's chat!
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  2. Pick me! I have an answer!
  3. The sky!
  4. An answer to what?

    I like the sky, too. :p It's very blue.

    I guess I'll get the ball rolling here. Lately I've been away from EMC because I've been having insane real life business while simultaneously working on my garden build. I didn't want to share any screenshots to keep it a surprise, but I guess I can give a sneak peek of what I've ended up doing:

    That's a piece of the outer wall that encircles (or is it ensquares?) the build. :) What lies inside shall remain secret... for now. :)

    Other than that, I've finally got some more time to play EMC now that I'm done with the Garden, which greatly pleases me. :)

    I also have never had a cookie jar in my life (a fact which has always irritated me) so I just took the initiative and made one. :p I'm pretty hyped to finally have something to put cookies in (as you can probably tell, I'm pretty easy to please in general), because just sticking them in a box or a bowl just doesn't feel right. :D
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  5. Thats a pretty nice garden you've got there! I get on EMC usually once a day, after school. Lately though, I've been staying at the library longer, and I am moving to a new house so my time is completely taken up on the weekends.

    I'm really looking forward to this summer. My friends and I are taking a bike-trip to Westlake and going to blow a bunch of money at the stores they have. Kudos to you if you know where Westlake is without looking it up. :D
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  6. I made a dirt hut. Life is good.
  7. I made a dirt palace one time.
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  8. Your question: what's up?
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  9. Well, first of all, I like the idea of this thread. Also, very cool with the garden sneak peak and gratz on the cookie jar :)

    Let's see..hmm, whats up? Spring is officially here where I am, so spring cleaning has pulled me away from EMC quite a bit this week. I've recently moved back to my childhood home after moving around a LOT for the last 5ish years, which means I have mountains of mystery boxes to go through before I can use my sun porch (I'm finding all sorts of ancient treasure in the process.)
    ... When I'm on EMC, I've been working on finishing my 'party garden' in utopia and planning my event, and working on build team projects. With the Secret garden contest, a bit of my attention has gone there now, and also with the 1.8 announcements I've been trying to prepare for that. ..... well, I guess quite a bit is going on when I write it all down!:p
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  10. I've been waiting for this 'fo dayz!

    Real life right now is mostly just wonderful. I've been hanging out with friends, it's almost time for the annual dance (no, I don't have a date. Would you expect a man with toasters for hands and a goldfish as a head to have a date?) and my closest friends and I are also working on a huge school-wide prank (no, I won't be telling you. Would you expect a man with toasters for hands and a goldfish as a head to tell you?). It shall be horribly beautiful. And yes, I will be wearing some EMC swag when I take a picture for you guys. =P

    As for the Empire, I haven't had much time to work on my secret garden build (school, blah blah marks, blah blah get a job, a house, pay taxes, blah blah) but it's going along well considering the amount of work I've put into it, which is close to nothing. I hope to get some more work put into it along the course of next week, as I'm definitely more free, as I've got 2 days off school. Boo-yah!
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