Whats up Bro's...

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  1. I love the hell out of EMC!!! Once upon a time.. I had no money, then had 10k, then poof it all disappeared for some diamonds and other stuff... So my advice is If it isn't worth it, Don't! Buy! It!
  2. Keep voting and you'll be back at 10k in no time =)
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  3. :cool: Welcome to EMC! :cool:
  4. Dis why she staff...

    Anywho welcome to EMC you will love it here! Says the emc addict...
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  5. Welcome to the Empire :p

    Pro Tip: Don't trust /shop haha
  6. Welcome, sir! :D
  7. Hey there VinnyB I really liked your story. I hope you didn't lose the diamonds.
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  8. Nah i sold em cheaper lol i at least got half my money now...
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