What's this?

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  1. found it in my moat, no clue why, I have the debug screen up to show im in a forest biome... I took away my brother's build perms before it came into place 2012-08-20_00.18.43.png
  2. Lol it says plains:p And most likely a small bug!
  3. Um, try standing on the ice, there can be more then one biome per res. I'm not sure it's still plains, Bug!
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  4. Nope, my whole res is either ocean, or plains
  5. *Spectator 1* What's that? *Spectator 2*It's a biome! *Spectator 3* No no, it's a placed piece of ice. *Spectator 4* No, no, It's A BUGGGG!!!! *Spectator 2*Ah! *Spectator 3*Run away!
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