Whats strip mining?

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  1. I looked it up but i have no clue.. help
  2. Its what I do every friday night with a bottle of vodka and my boyfriend.
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  4. I use modified strip mining =)
  5. Its a crappy way to mine, as you start from the surface and then dig down, then go back up, then go back down, repeat. It makes a mess of the wild and is not efficient.
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  7. If strip mining isn't efficient, then what is the best way to get all the ores in a specific cuboid ASAP? Never mind, margaritte answered before i could even think about asking.
  8. Branch mining. Just go down to bed rock, then go up 15, and start mining. It takes more time but you will get more.
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  10. The best reply I've ever seen.
  11. I do Xray mining! UGH uh... I mean nice weather were having!

    P.S. I don't use Xray (this is for those who don't get jokes :p)
  12. I usually do my branch mines at level 12, btw, I remember reading somewhere that the highest concentration of usable ores is around that level. Watch out for lava though, and always take a water bucket, because there seem to also be a lot of lava lakes at that level :eek:
  13. Also bring gravel! If you come across a lava lake you can drop gravel to make a bridge! :D
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  14. I just use the cobble stone I mine.
  15. The thing is with sneak you might slip your finger and let go of the shift key making you fall in lava. If the lava pool is deep and you can't place cobble you are forced to use sneak. Gravel is easier to make a bridge out of. Place gravel on the ceiling, let gravel fall, make bridge!
  16. Strip mining is when you make huge holes and stuff on the surface to get ores instead of organized tunnels.
    You don't actually get as much ore but you get a lot of cobble and a very hazardous hole. One time I actually killed myself because I fell into the hole I just made.
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