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  1. While trying to juggle getting 300 double chests of sugar cane, I've been getting VERY bored. So my question to you guys is "What do you want to see on EMC?" I have ran out of ideas for stuff to do, so I'm leaving it to the community to decide.

    1. This MUST fit on a 60x60 residence.
    2. I want this to be unique, so none of that "Amusement park" crap.
    3. Be creative :)
  2. a giant llama statue, with a tribute to narwhals.
  3. Haha :p Possibly.. xD
  4. Huge statue of your favorite staff member.
    A unique "mine shaft" where people can explore, and find different things. Maybe even make a special relaxation place underground.
    Zen garden.
    Golf course. 'Nuff said.
  5. Me a banana (banana from peanut butter jelly time)
  6. like garden idea
  7. i will pay you 50k to do that.
  8. hmmm.. :p
  9. Bookcase Tower!
  10. There are 5 singing iPhones, and they siri is leaving one of them and dancing to gangnam style.
  11. Should use REDSTONE and repeaters to create a music block song, then hide it under a giant ipod classic
  12. just fill the res with subs
  13. Keep em coming :)
  14. Gir with a keyblade pixel art
  15. Better idea people :D
  16. Make a tribute to the boston bombings.

    may it never happen again.
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  17. Thats actually, a good idea.
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  18. Well from having 8 reses... My perspective of this should be taken for a grain of sand cause it hurts to think about it.
    A giant unicorn flying on a rainbow eating lots cake and cookies with a llama singing in the background.
    'Nuff Said.
  19. A fully functioning PC that can run BF3. So bf3 running in Minecraft :D
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