What's goin on empire?

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  1. Hey guys thought I would introduce myself everyone calls me illy like philly... I am new to the minecraft game in general I played a little single player but this is my first server.. I play on smp1 I believe my lot is 1130... Haven't really got a clue what I'm supposed to do though.. If you ever see me around give me a shout I usually play Xbox or ps3 so I am used to team efforts... Any ways I'm 24 from Philly livin in Dallas... Lookin forward to playing with you guys and gals (I'm taken)
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  2. Welcome to the Empire :)
  3. Heyo! Welcome to emc! I'm pro, and I have to say, emc is a total blast. If you're looking for something to do, just see if I'm online, and we could go derp in wastelands :p
  4. Well there are many different exciting things to do on Empire Minecraft. You can build what ever you want, with out anyone griefing you (unless you hand out perms to people). You can build a shop to make a few r or just for fun. And when your in town there is no hunger or hunger damage. No Enemy mobs will spawn so your safe lol... You can go out to the wild and fight off mobs or go mining, or go out further in the wild and build a "settelment". You can go to The nether, mine some quartz or just go to some gold farms for some "free gold". or like the wild fight off some more "dangerous" types of mobs. You can go to the End and just get free XP, and way too many free ender pearls lol. Oh well thats my advices i guess. Good luck With EMC! You will love it here!:cool:
  5. Welcome to the Empire!
  6. Thanks all I appreciate the welcome feeling... Looks like I have quite a bit to check out!
  7. Welcome to EMC :)