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  1. As some of you might know, I have started taking a break from EMC, but I've never really explained why, and I might as well make a formal statement.

    First off, why I'm NOT taking this break. I am not taking this break for the following reasons:

    1. New Staff
    2. Not liking EMC
    3. Not liking Minecraft

    I know it seems that's why some people are leaving, but not me, why am I taking this break? Mostly a real life event. First off, (Or more of second off I guess.) this is not a life or death thing or sickness, so don't feel the need to drop to your knees and start praying for me, but it is something important, at least to me. My best friend in the entire world has been going through some problems in her life, problems that currently do not allow us to talk, for whatever her reason is. You might say, "So what"? Well, like I said, shes my best friend, and its not easy not knowing whats wrong or why its happening, and this has caused me not to always be emotionally stable. I do know that it has nothing to do with anything between her and me, and that she just needs to figure things out by herself. I know you guys might not understand why this affects my ability to play Minecraft/EMC, but it comes more down to how I think while I play Minecraft. When I play Minecraft, my mind tends to wander off if I'm not directly dealing with something, and because of this, my brain has tended to wander off to whats going on with her, and I've been thinking of some pretty dark things that could be happening, which scares the living crap out of me, and because of this, I have decided I should just step back from Minecraft and other things that tend to make my mind wander, and just take a break until this is over. Yes, I will be in game from time to time or on the forums, but don't expect much from me during this time.

    Thank you for reading.
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  2. Well I'm very sorry to hear this. I am going / went through a similar situation. Best of luck to you both. :)
  3. Too bad this will get deleted. :(

    Sorry to hear this. Best luck.
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  4. Its not really a goodbye thread, more of just me explaining whats going on with me.
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  5. I understand that, but lately EMC has been deleting threads that are similar like this, they do not want you to state in a thread that you are "leaving" per say. I don't know exactly, but this may be considered a goodbye type of thread.

    Whatever if it is or not, who everything gets better.
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  6. Well, hope your friend gets better :)
    I'll be waiting *dramatic music*
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  7. Thanks guys, hopefully this will be over with soon.
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  8. Hope everything gets better :(
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  9. Everything will get better at some point, but when is still up for debate of course, I just hope its soon. I would have never guessed that someone who introduced herself by texting me "I'm hiding in your closet" would ever have made me this worried...
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  10. ^ best introduction ever

    EDIT: also, I would get pretty worried if someone told me they were hiding in my closet, just saying o.o
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  11. She grabbed my then-friend's phone and said "Hey, I'm hiding in your closet, or maybe under your bed, watch out."

    And true friendship was born. <3
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  12. Don't worry. I always introduce myself as the person's guardian angel... It's hilarious :D
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