What will Blizz Ard's Nose sell for

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Michael_Nolan, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Just killed a snowman and got it, does it do anything or can I sell it?
  2. It will be able to do something once Aikar has coded its use in. It seems to sell for a lot at the minute, if you want to make some big rupees then there are many players out there that are trying to buy them. The snowman that you killed was no ordinary one - it was Blizz Ard, a special snow golem that has a very rare chance of dropping its nose! It will be gone after the 10th of January though I believe (the golem, not the nose). :)
  3. So is there any set use or date for this nose? Will its value go up or will more be implemented once what ever is added gets added?
  4. Mostly speculation at the moment, I'm afraid. (as to what it's effect(s) will be)

    If the use is relevant, then expect the prices to climb somewhat.

    Otherwise the drop is rare enough as is that the price is reasonably close to what it should be.
  5. Alright I've got 2 so gonna hold on to them for a month and if no info comes out I might just sell them for what I can get, ty for the help.
  6. I sold one for 90k around the time they came out. I've seen others offer over 100k or more now.
  7. Yea, plus you won't be able to get them after the 10th