What was the wasteland.

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  1. I was going though the news and was wondering what it was.
  2. It was the Wilderness

    Except with a different name.

    (With the Wilderness being a live-map lacking Wasteland. :))
  3. The wasteland was the before name for the wilderness/wild. Things got confusing for players so someone said they should change it to "wilderness" or "wild"
  4. Lol we posted at the same time
  5. Oh. I think it should be called the wasteland again. Just look at the wilderness on SMP3.
  6. ...
    Just look at the Wasteland on SMP2. A 2000 block radius of TNT/Angst induced mayhem. :p
  7. We used to have both wilderness and wasteland, but they decided to get rid of it because they saw no point in keeping it.
  8. Much other servers' wilderness's are in the conditions for it too lol.
  9. Yes don't worry soon the periodic reset areas will be reset every week or so, almost done with that addition :)
  10. The removal of TNT in the Wasteland along with the 1.0.0 reset signaled the change from Waste to Wild. Because the wilderness is like an untouched sanctuary in comparison. :p
  11. Haha yeah the wasteland before outposts was almost to bedrock all the way around spawn....
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  12. In the beginning....
    There was one universe, within this universe there were many worlds (well five) and they were so named:
    Town - A peaceful community of settlers naturally grouping together for safety and security.
    Nether - The fire from downunder and demonspawns land, an evil place mapped by those with bravado and cunning.
    Wasteland - A desolate world of mapped lands, habitated by adventurers with good knees and countless enemies.
    Wilderness - A mapless domain of plains, seas, and deserts with no recovery for lost and misdirected souls.
    Utopia - A bright sunny place for the dedicated supporters of the empire, where monsters dare not tread, unless you dig in the ground and disturb their slumber.

    When the town grew to a state where it could no longer support itself, the creators of the universe collapsed all of the worlds in 'the big crunch', and spared only the peaceful inhabitants of town. When the debris and solar dust had cleared it was evident that the universe hadn't just been collapsed, but had in fact been triplicated, creating two entirely new universes begging to be discovered. Each new universe contained almost identical concepts and properties, but with slight differences.

    What was the original town, herein known as 'smp1', kept its heritage from the dark times and displays a mausoleum to all molevoloent beings that have attempted to destroy the universe.
    The second universe which contained a more exact copy of town, herein known as 'smp2', publically expressed its difference by building a living entity, a 'park' of sorts, in the graveyards stead to sybolize life and beauty.
    The third universe, now refered to as 'Utopia' extracted traits from the old utopia world as it was destroyed, and offers dedicated empire supporters larger lands to cultivate and express their thanks and sacrifices to the creators.

    Each new universe contained other worlds within it besides the towns.
    Nether's can be found in all universes, as violent and deadly as before, and mapped by brave souls.
    Wildernesses can also be found in all universes, still mapped by tireless wanderers, forged in conflict with nature.
    No-one knows what happened to the wastland, but it is theorised that it's harsh baronness was too much for the original universe to take, and it was this world that in fact caused the creators to 'rethink' their initial configuration of the universe. As an apology the creators implemented a set of conditions upon the dedicated suppoerters of the empire. and they removed hunger, damage from falls, and darkness from Utopia wilderness. So now the appreciated benefactors enjoy the ability to bask in the sun with no fear of starvation as long as they want.

    This process continues to this day, and each time the population of settlers reaches its breaking point, a new universe is spawned into being and provides places to build, hunt, gather and live in relative peace with one another until the next big crunch.
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  13. Sniff sniff, BEAUTIFUL
  14. Undeniably.

    I'm going to build a church to this somewhere.
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