What up peoples

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  1. Hey, It's DOTD (Dawn of the Dragon)

    Nothing much, good MC player and uses sand and sandstone more than anything. I enjoy to farm trees (explains why i have so many on my 60x60 lot) I also enjoy to go MLG pro on Skeletons and creepers. I play in SMP8 so if your there, feel free to say hi. I collect bone and saplings and sand. So if you have any you do not want, give them to me! lols

    I'm a BYM (Backyard Monsters) official teacher and veteran player. I'm vastly known among RSPS's as Girr, legendary administrator.
    Anyways, i hope to have fun here, i am tired of playing solo.
  2. Welcome to EMC!
  3. Thanks!
  4. np
  5. hi