What type of supportership should I get?

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What type of supportership should I get

Diamond 18 vote(s) 34.6%
Gold 22 vote(s) 42.3%
Iron 1 vote(s) 1.9%
Don't 1 vote(s) 1.9%
Wait for a few more months when you can decide 1 vote(s) 1.9%
Go decide yourself you lazypants 9 vote(s) 17.3%
  1. Hello, it's your friendly neighborhood snake-wolf hybrid here. With summer coming up, I will have time to be mowing lawns and doing work and such for money. With that money, I think I will spend it on becoming a supporter. But I don't know which one I should get. Does anyone have some suggestions?
  2. Gold is the best to start with in my opinion, Iron is okay but you don't get too much with it (Only features like /map hide, supporters chat and forums and extra rupees) With gold you will get a extra res which comes in really helpful, you get extra rupees and you get access to utopia wild/nether and wastelands (which are great and hardly touched, unlike the other smp's) That's my opinion anyway, I think Diamond is a little too expensive for what you get and gold is overall the best option.
  3. I agree, but eventually I may go all the way to diamond. I think I might do Gold, but if someone else puts up another argument I may have to decide differently :p
  4. Gold gives you the most bang for your buck. For HALF the diamond cost, you get access to everything a diamond could get, except TNT. You get two reses, access to Utopia, and a ton of daily rupees without even having to log on.
  5. 2 Reses* but yes I agree with you, you get almost everything diamond supporters get except for a extra 2 residences, TNT usage and flying in utopia town.
  6. Gold is the best for what you get. If you want the four reses, get a diamond subscription, but start off with a gold to try all of the Utopian services and most of the diamond benefits.
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  7. I suggest diamond because for 10 USD you get some cool things, but with 20, you get double the residences, 1.3k daily and all the other features. Personally, it works really well. I need 4 reses. One for farms, one for shop, one for storage, one for personal use. I suggest diamond because with 2 residences you cannot access say, SMP1 + 3 and get the benefits of utopia. that's just my opinion :D
  8. With 4 resses you start wasting, in my opinion, you can make you storage layers 1-20, farms 20-64, shop 64-256. And gour other res could be use just for testing or some other awesome build. No real need to spend two times the money.
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  10. Gold is the best for me because you get way more perks with gold than iron, and diamond is double the price, with only a few extra perks. IM doing fine with gold and you will too.
  11. One thing is for sure. Don't get Iron.
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  12. Agreed. Iron is just a waste, in my personal opinion. You will notice that I am currently a regular player, and therefore have no bias. I would go for gold. It does indeed give you nearly everything a diamond gets for half the dough. I personally don't know what I would do with four residences, and who cares about flying in utopia town (ok, that part is pretty awesome)? Tnt is useful, yes, and you don't get as many rupees. But when you look at the big picture, these are all minor bonuses considering that when you go from iron to gold you get Utopia, which is pretty much the only reason I would ever consider going for supporter-ship. Make your own decision, but I think that the decision would be best as gold. :)

    Just realized that diamond gets 50 vault pages and gold gets 25. But again, what would I even do with 25 vault pages?
  13. Diamond! Or gold!
  14. In my opinion if you have 20 bucks to spend then give 2 different ppl gold instead of diamond. THat's 2x amount of ppl on Utopia, same aamount of reses, no one cares about tnt, no one cares about flying. It's 100 more rupees :p
  15. I think that you should get gold. And if you're worried about not having enough space just get an Utopia res because they're four times the size of a regular one so it's like having 5 regular ones if you go gold and get an Utopia res
  16. Icc Cares About TNT :)
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  17. Guess what! I had this same type of thread! Anyways:
    I mow too! I get 10$ for my front and back lawn mowed (takes about 2 hours)
    I usually mow 3 times a month.
    With Gold membership, the first time I mow I month I tell my parents to keep the money and put it towards this month payment. Then I keep the other money that i earn the rest of the month.
    Depending on how much you make, I would say Get the supportership you can pay for in 1 week of mowing work

    But, If you want, I'm going to become diamond for 1 month to get 2 more res's and stuff, but, I did not start out with diamond.

    I've been a Donator since April 1st!