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What Should I do

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Brick Blocks 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Wait for hardened clay 1.6 8 vote(s) 100.0%
  1. 2013-05-04_21.06.34.png
    Spent all day gathering this and was wondering:
    Should I
    A) Make a DC of brick blocks
    B) Wait to make it into hardened clay in 1.6

    Please vote in poll!
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  2. C- go run three miles in real life :)
  3. Joe suggested in mumble to auction as is, so that is what ill be doing once my other auction is over.
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  4. Ill bu the chest for 2500
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  5. You should give some better options for what to do with that.
  6. what exactly does that sign say in front of you?
    also, i will buy shown double chest of clay from you. :3
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  7. Um, yeah, that offer will probably need to be a bit higher...
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  8. 2,501r
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  9. It depends on what you want to build. You could make a brooklyn-style place, or you could make a desert style fort.
  10. do you comprehend how long it takes to get that much clay? then to make it into blocks? ... that is worth a hell of a lot more than just 2,501 rupees... thats a lot closer to 10k or more ....
  11. When i calculated it using todd's mall, it was 6r per block of clay.
  12. that is closer to 20k.. which would be so worth it. :p
  13. Ill sell it straight up for 20k if anyone wants.
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  14. oh and the sign says: "Clay blocks *If anyone touches these they die* (alot of people have container on my res lol.)
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  15. :3