What to do with 2 Ore Busters?

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  1. Hey guys!
    After a long break from Minecraft i decided to return to Empire and start again. To my surprise, the price of Ore Busters have gone up quite a lot in the time i have been gone and i was wondering if any of you guys could advise me in what i should do with them in order to get the best return? should i sell them together in an auction? Thanks in advanced for any suggestions :)
  2. Sell them in an auction :)
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  3. It isn't really advisable to ask for how much you should sell your orebusters for or so, because there will always be those people who want to get a cheap deal out of you. Anyways, I would recommend selling them one at a time, but meh.
  4. Choong is right, it is probably better to sell them individually to make your money. Perhaps put one up on community auctions and if it goes well you could put the other up after it is finished, although, the choice is down to you at the end of the day. :)
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  5. If i am to sell them then i would only do so in an auction as i know someone would try to take advantage otherwise. my main question really is whether or not the prices are still rising at a strong rate or have they leveled off? would it be wise to keep hold of them longer?
  6. that sounds like a strong idea, thanks :)
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  7. someone show him samsimx's video, k?
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  8. Link me up
  9. There are a few, but this one is the best.
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  10. Looks like i may have found a use for Pick #2! ill need to sell my first anyway in order to buy larger quantities of ore. Thanks guys!
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  11. ;-; NO

    That video is a joke, you would end up loosing a lot of money lol
  12. How about you give one to me :cool:
    On a serious note, the prices will likely continue to rise but are leveling off a bit. I think you are perfectly fine selling now seeing as there are very few left and not much else to drive the price.
  13. Well like the video said you should use your Ore Buster in the nether and then toss it into lava
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  14. Would I lose money even off diamond ore?
  15. If you buy it cheap, no.
  16. Samsimx pro tip time - in my videos I bought all the ore from /shop, dont do that if you want profit.
  17. bro u srs ._.
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