What to do when the the servers are having problems:

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  1. So as many people are having problems with the servers I have decided to make a post, a post to finally talk about something we can do :p

    How about we all play minesweeper! It's a classic!
    Watch Yogscast or Ismooch!

    Play solitare!

    Go watch TV!

    Put your suggestions or what you are doing here so we all can entertain ourselfs during the EMC server data corruption or whatever the problem is ;)
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  2. Go read Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (that and stalking the forums :p )
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  3. ah yes and any of the Eragon series are good books :D
  4. Go eat, drink, pee, poo, play other stuff, go outside, read, do homework, do jobwork, play xbox (os ps3), live the life.
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  5. Go completely insane and burn down your house from EMC depriation.
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  6. I am able to play perfectly fine after i do this.
    1st try to login to the server.
    2. Wait for the error button and press the back button
    3. try to login to the server again.
    4. When the error message pops up, dont press back just exit out of minecraft
    5. open minecraft
    6. log on to amazingness.
  7. My kids would say:
    Read the 'Diary of a whimpy kid' series
    or go listen to Radio Disney!
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  8. I mainly just stalk the forums, check Dragon's Cave and rage at my brother's bad singing.
  9. [Unlike button] :(
    EDIT: you are supposed to like this post to unlike his, that's why it's called button :p
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  10. worked for me fine, what server do you play o0n?
  11. same here.
  12. same
  13. There is no other server that matches EMC. Trust me, I've looked for days.
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  14. doesn't matter, no server ever works.
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  15. Yes there is: No, there is not.
  16. You guys can make a drawing request for me. I'm not bad at sketching on paper.
  17. Maybe play a little mine-craft single player? Hahaha! Jk, no one plays single player!
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  18. I see that gray text ;)
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  19. nokidding. LOL
  20. Visit my website?
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