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  1. So, this might sound stupid, but, i just dont know what to build! So, i built a shop, yea? Well, i dont know what to build with my TWO other residences. i know, PATHETIC. But, i need suggestions. I mean, everyone just says 'something' or 'a shop' which means=ZERO progress. But, when one thing is suggested and i like it, i'll make a meter of them! It'll show how the progress is going. So, yea! So, please! Ugh, i say 'so' way too much.

    Project 1-???

    0 - 100

    Project 2-???

    0 - 100
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  2. Public utilities res.
    Parkour res with many courses.
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  3. public utilities on 1 and a roller coaster on another!
  4. I'd love to see a recreated ice spike biome with a huge, natural-looking packed ice castle rising up in the middle. :) I think that that would look absolutely glorious.
  5. Have you ever built to just build? May sound funny but sometimes just an aesthetically pleasing building is sufficient to your building stump. Try doing a nice house or some kind of mansion. Mainly what I am getting at is something you can say to people, "yeah I built that, it looks great right?" :p
  6. Make it a realistic one...
  7. The lost city of Atlantis?