What to build.....

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Hackurf, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Hello Emc! I am having a problem on deciding what I should build for my 3rd res. Ive got plans for my utopia res and I don't wish to delete my 1st. So I like public things, like making public builds and whatnot. What should I build for the empire to use?
  2. Villager collisium? For public trade and what not?
  3. make some kind of a game res, i have one atm and that is a parkour res, at 12845, and i am working on a casino and a hotel at 12004 and 12005 feel free to check them out.
  4. Do a mall in the middle of the air that you have to get to by parkour, and with a room with public anvil/crafting table/furnace/brewing stand.
  5. Ger u beat me i only have 18 beacons, also i think he sould have a mall then have a optional parkour under it if u want to do, some people suck at parkours like i suck but heck i have a parkour res just for fun for people to enjoy a free parkour res.
  6. =) I win the beacon contest! :D