What to build on my res?

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by MichaelPiccolo, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Ok hi everyone I hav restarted my res. I already hav some small plans for it, but i was wondering if you guys had any cool ideas. If I like them and I choose your idea I will send u a pm. Please include a picture in your post considering I am not the greatest builder and need a picture to start me off. Thanks.
  2. I am not looking to build a mega mall either.
  3. I think memorial to john lennon, a replica of the roman coluseum, big ben, a giant potato, a memorial to me, a replica of a Aston Martin One-77 or a giant taco.
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  4. lol no thanks im looking for like mini mall types or a big house idea.
  5. An amazing dirt shack.
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  6. Build a small town
  7. i have ready started doing that and I am planning to stick with it, the point of this thread was to see if there were any better ideas. Thanks :)
  8. maybe public farms and then a shop underneath/above it. i.e sheep shearing, wheat farms, pumpkin/melon, sugar cane, cactus, etc