What to build next.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by McAodh, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. So am running out of ideas of what to build next. Here is a short list of what I currently have. Suggestions are appreciated.
    1. Overworld Gold Farm (9 - 23x23 cells)
    2. Iron Farm - Too many
    3. Sheep Farm - Don't know why
    4. Spider XP Farm
    5. Skeleton XP Farm
    6. Zombie Farm
    7. Auto Tree Farm
    8. Fish Farm
    9. Guardian Farm w/ Slime Farm addition
    10. Slime Farm (another one - different location)
    11. General Mob Farm
    12. Blaze Farm
    13. Wither Skeleton Farm
    14. Automated Ice Farm (is it really a farm though)
    15. Villager Breeder
    16. Vegetable Farm (with Villager farmer)
    17. Cow Farm
    18. Rabbit Farm
    19. Chicken Farm
    20. Stone Gen's
    21. Smelter
    22. Ink Farm - in progress
    23. Melon's & Cocoa
    Think that is it. Was going to build a Sea Monument in town, but someone did it already.
    So any suggestions on what to build next? Space isn't an issue.
  2. You should create every block/item in EMC :p (not including promos) and display them publicly