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  1. Sorry for the title, but this is making me mad. So I hop onto minecraft so I can play multiplayer, and when I log in it says there is an update available, so I click yes without thinking. I realize this after I press yes, but that doesn't matter. Once the update is finished, it just goes to a black screen and nothing else. 20 minutes later still the same, so I delete the minecraft file and re-download the game off of Minecraft.net, try to play again, this time without doing the update, and it still gives me the blank screen. Any ideas? Minecraft was working fine yesterday.
  2. O.O I have no idea, but glad I didn't update
  3. I don't know how to help you with this but from what I'm aware of, you can still get banned by putting ****
  4. I know I can Mrlegit, that was stupid of me, I am just really, really mad.
  5. edited the title... don't do that

    Do you use mods? ModLoader mods folder is a culprit of updating and getting black screened. Delete the .zip files out of that folder.
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  6. No I had the same problem its a bug with the new update I had to downgrade to play :/
  7. I have deleted all of my mods that I had before, but it didn't work. Squizzel_Boy, could you send me a link to a downgraded version please?
  8. I am playing with 1.2.5 official update and all of my 1.2.4 mods in addition to the few 1.2.5 mods available with no such problem. Sounds like you are doing something wrong here...
  9. twitch you should just give him your java
  10. Haha, that takes the effort out of doing things on your own though...
    I can do it but not in an official capacity....
  11. Get the 1.2.4 .jar
  12. do you want my java???
  13. Tcle I meant zanderboy need's a 1.2.4.jar
  14. Easiest way to fix this error.
    Delete your mincecraft folder after backing up your saves, last login, options.txt, servers files.
    Then launch minecraft, close the client.
    Restore your saves, last login, options.txt, servers files to the new and empty minecraft folder and then launch the client one more time.
    Log in, install the updated version, then see if your issue is resolved.
    If that doesn't work, I can't help you...
  15. I would have changed it to "What the deuce?"
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  16. Thank you for all the suggestions and help everyone, but I got my Minecraft to work.