What the SQUID?

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  1. Okay, I have a problem! I found two squids spawned in my pool earlier and thought it be cool to make a squid tank in my house, so I made the tank, and purchased a squid for it. I came back this morning and all the squid were gone! Do they not live long, or has anyone else ever had dissapearing squid? =O
  2. sadly, squid don't stick around like other animals, they always spawn/despawn when the chunk is loaded unloaded.
  3. That sucks, I bet a squid tank would have been mighty cool. :D
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  4. So I spent 350 R for a quick spawn :O I demand a refund lol
  5. yeah, it sucks. I did the same thing a while back. I think justin was going to make a warning, but maybe he forgot. I kept my aquarium, and funny thing is I have squids spawn all the time on my res, in my ponds, my 1x1 wheat irrigation lines, but never once in my aquarium.

    i did several tests though to be sure of it, every time i saw a squid spawn on my lot in utopia (it was empty at the time) i would port to the empire store and then immediately back, and every time they were gone again.
  6. Lol, we could offer a refund, but in the interest of being fair I think it only right that if some squid spawn on their own in your res you pay empire 350 for each one too :p

    Yeah unfortunately this is something which can't really be controlled at the moment, but it is cool though, sometimes you can login and have 10 squid in a pond, then other times you might have none. :)

    Edit: Maybe Jeb will fix them in the future so they are more resilient and permanent, sorta like the wolf fix. He realized what players were after and incorporated then more in the game, example, wolves can be bred in 1.2 :)
  7. to be honest, i think squids should be removed from the purchase animal system entirely. all the animals can spawn in town, and i think when people see squid on the list alongside pigs and sheep, which do (mostly) stay where they're supposed to, there is an expectation that squid will do the same.
  8. So this means no refund for me? =D lol
  9. haha i just paid you 350 rupies cos i feel your pain :D
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  10. God BLESS diamond supporter :p You just made my day :D
  11. Well, yes that is a good point, but I think that Justin added it so that people can get ink-sacks easier if they wanted to spend that much :)

    *edit* Also fun killing them :p

    Also, have to say this ~~~~~~~~~~~ OCELOTS FTW!!!!
  12. easier than buying them from the empire store?

    to be honest, i'm feeling a little guilty, i never told justin of my research, i just figured he was the expert and knew what i was talking about, but now i think maybe it was a misunderstanding and maybe if i had shared it, this might not have happened.
  13. Thanks for taking the initiative to do that, good person you are :)