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  1. Greetings all,

    Recently I reset and unclaimed my first residence (8558), and claimed a new on on smp2. I actually have no idea what the final product will look like (I'm building this based on what I thing will look good, no schematics or what not), but it will have the general appearance of a tower. I'm making this thread to keep track of progress, and ask for help on the name- I still don't know what I should name this. I'll offer 500r to anyone who gives tells me a name I like, and use.

    Day 1:

  2. You're dead to me.

    And nice build
  3. YES! Smp2 for the win!
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  4. Your profile picture is so weird o.o
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  5. He doesn't know....
  6. Right next to me. AWHH yeahh
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  7. The Knights Winecellar?
  8. Tower of the forsworn.
  9. How could you :(
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  10. More ideas:
    Demons Abyss
    Kitchen of Onyx
    Cave Of Pirates
    Den of spiders
    The World Of Sprites
    Not allowed in jungle
    Hunting Candyland
    Haunted Cemetry
    Lair Of The Undead
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  11. You got that from Realm of the mad god :p
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  12. I <3 that game :D
    Nice build - can't wait to see the final product.
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  14. Stone Brick Central Tower
  15. Not right now, whats your IGN creeper?