What texture pack would you recommend?

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  1. Hey guys and girls, I'm getting bored of my current texture pack (Soartex Fanver) so I was wondering if there is any texture pack's you guys and girls would recommend to try out. I tried asking while in game but no one answered :( made me feel sad lol but o well ;o

    Questions That might be asked :p
    Q: What type of texture packs are you into?
    A: I love texture packs that are smooth but, I also like other kinds so just post anything :)

    Q: Do you want HD texture pack?
    A: I rather use ones that are not HD and not too hard on graphic cards cause mine an't good. But, I don't mind if HD texture pack. I'll take a look at it and see if i lag much with them. Theres some that is too hard on my graphics card but sometimes it doesn't effect it much.

    Things you shouldn't do
    Recommend using default - I hate it so nty :p (Also nothing that looks similar to default)
  2. I was going to recomend Sphax PureBDcraft 512x but then I saw:

    so just get the 16x version from bdcraft.net
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  3. While reading your post my suggestion just died, i would suggest DokuCraft. But it is HD.
  4. I would still take a look at them :) I don't mind.
    Also I used dokucraft before i got bored of that :p but ty anyways

    I just checked out this texture pack on youtube looks nice and smooth cool recommendation but the glowstone is kinda derpy :p
  5. Check out Faithful 32x - It's a HD version of default, however it doesn't seem to suck any more power.
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  6. Sorry I should mention no texture packs similar to default :) but ty for the thought
  7. Conquest
    Coterie Craft
    Isabella II
    SMP's Revival
    R3D Craft (It is another scaled up default pack)
    I have some more suggestions but the packs are probably to high res for your computer.

    Edit: I just remembered Ovos Rustic Redemption comes in a 32x32. A lot of people use Wayukian.
  8. Dokucraft, cause I use it, but.... You know :p
  9. Ty for all the recommendations i checked them all out, but i didn't like any of it much :|
  10. The only other suggestion I have is Ozo's Texture Pack.
  11. yea i checked that one out too z.z lol x.x
  12. If Summerfields ever updates to 1.4 then get it.
  13. Sphax PureBDcraft 16x (I used to use the 64x64 Version
    Faithful 32x32 (I use a custom version I made called 'Soul's Faithful' but it's for private use only)
    Athery's Extended (Used for Hypixel's maps)
    SMP's Revival (This was my very first Texture Pack I used in December 2010 <3)