What supporter rank is best for me?

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  1. I asked my mum if I could get supporter rank again and she said we will talk about it once she gets home. Way back in march I was an iron supporter and wasn't very active on the forums then, but I was very active on the server which is why I was pleased with the perks.

    Now I don't want iron, I want either gold or diamond to get a res on utopia and use the slime farm. I would like diamond to get residences on the servers where my Emc friends live and get the most rupees I can, so I can work on big projects and donate to people who need rupees but other than those gold is suitable for me.

    Which one do I get? XD I'm writing this on my iPad so any spelling mistakes blame it on the touch screen and my chubby fingers... No I'm not fat I just have fat fingers lol.
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  2. I'm happy enough with gold, though sometimes I do wish I had more residences. I get to use Utopia, which is awesome, and I find I make plenty of rupees easily enough without diamond.
  3. Once I get my shop up and running it will probably be that way for me :p
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  4. If it's about the rupees i would choose gold because you get more rupees it just takes longer.Because diamond is double the cost of gold you can put that 10 dollars that you saved into another month of gold and when that ends you would have earned more rupees for your money.
    700=Rupees 31=Days of the month 2=The 2 months
  5. now have a headach
  6. Back on my computer :D
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  7. Ask these questions to decide between gold and diamond:
    How many residences do I want?
    How many residences would I use?
    Would I be happy with 700 rupees per day or do I want 1300 per day?
    Do I want to use TNT?
  8. I myself might get gold, just for the Utopia wild. If you like using the wild, just get Gold. If you like building in town, I suggest Diamond.
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  9. Gold it is :p I don't really like to build in town, I dislike having a small space to build in and people spamming the chat with 'I need mur rupeez plz!!11' and the wild is better because you take damage from falling, you can get resources for free, build whatever you want, and don't have to have the odd noob asking you for rupees. I would use my utopia res for a few good looking stuff, but I will spend alot of time in the wild there. Just because it's peaceful out there :p
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  10. My mum gets paid on tuesday and she says they are all way too expensive :(
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  11. How old are you? Get a saturday job and pay for it that way, thats how I do it. I also end up with some extra cash for other things. :)
  12. Gold FTW! I used to have gold, I just upgraded to diamond for my last month on EMC. I would totally recommend Gold Supporter. Rupees aren't the big thing anymore.
  13. Your last month on EMC? :O
    I'm 12 xD My mum earns £3,100 a month...She can pay all the bills and have £2,500 left which will be used for food, food for all of my pets, and then she pays electricity and gas and still has alot left over.
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  14. Diamond
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