What software does EMC use?

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  1. I forgot what Software EMC uses for it's website. It'z like X something I think. Bukkit.org and bukkitforge and basicly everyone in the mc community uses it.
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  2. XenForo I think?
  3. It's xenforo for our forums.
  4. Icecreamcow, quick question. Do you guys have a way of tracking greifers? And what about x-ray texture packs, I have been greifed by people presumably using them. Thanks!:)
  5. Thanks.
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  6. make your own thread buddy! xD

    jk though
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  7. I should have but Im kinda lazy:confused:
  8. That is for another thread, but yes, they have many ways.
  9. I'd go for many many many many many many many many many ways.
  10. PM any mods, tell them your story and give them the coords of the grief :)
  11. Aint nobody got no time fo dat
  12. Then aint nobody got time to fix your problem.
  13. Do they have programs that alert them when a certain block is destroyed? So they can essentialy bug a certain block?
  14. I dont have a problem I was just wondering:confused:
  15. Some blocks as well as sign placement are logged, yes.