What?! SMP4 Wild

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  1. So I made a head farm and built something like this the signs were the same it got greifed next time i visit theirs another build like it I didn't make it I just wanna know who made it.... 2014-08-30_21.51.39.png
  2. I don't understand what you're asking :confused:
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  3. His head farm was griefed, and he is asking who rebuilt it. It was probably a staff of some sort. Here is a version with correct punctuation.
    Lets use periods next time, Jeffrey.
  4. lol ok.
  5. Im still confused :D how would anyone know it was griefed while he wasnt on
  6. The term grief means someone destroyed a building without the owners permission. There is accidental griefing (creeper blowing it up, or something similar), and then there is griefing with harmful intent. The staff also have logs which record the breaking of some blocks and who broke it at what time. They can use this to track griefers.
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  7. Clears things up :)